We shape our tools then the tools shape us

Mixed media ( steel and reclaimed tool)

1.2 x 0.4 x 0.2 m



Training as a blacksmith has taught me to look differently at the tools I use to make my work. Tool use by humans dates back millions of years, anthropologists believe that the use of tools was an important step in the evolution of mankind. 

 Part of my course has been making tools, hammers , chisels, tongs, etc. A blacksmiths' tools are all made of steel, so everything we use we can make. I have learnt the precision and craftsmanship that goes in to tool making and now find them beautiful objects in their own rite. 


This piece is first encountered face on. All that is visible is the the tips of tools, poking through, which from the front look like an abstract steel sculpture. It is not till the viewer looks at the other side that they encounter the rest of the tool. 


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