Tramp stamps

Carved Chinese ink stamps


I spent 4 months living in Shanghai as Swatch watches artist in residence. It was here I came across Chinese seals. These are used to sign documents but are also a highly collectable art work in their own rite. I learnt how to carve the stone using traditional techniques, and purchased many pieces of it cut especially for hand crafting these stamps, to then repurpose in to my own art work. 

 The stamps I made using this technique play with the idea of a “tramp stamp”. Tramp Stamp is a derogatory term referring to a tattoo which a women places on her lower back. These tattoos have a socially constructed connotation associated with them, much does the culture surrounding the ink stamps and their use and worth. My stamps show the invented contents of a woman bag who has one of these tattoos. The carved stone depicts items such as pregnancy tests, drugs, cigarettes and condoms , fusing ancient tradition with contemporary objects.


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