Hoover bag readings

Performance, sculptural objects, drawing and documentary photograpgy


This performance is developed from ideas surrounding Tasseography, or the art of tea leaf reading.  I have become interested in developing performative ways to interact with the public, and also developing my own machines to make work. 

This piece also looks at the idea of revisiting skills from the past. Here I am subverting them, blending the line between history, belief and reality. Documentary photography plays an important part in this piece and what will be displayed for a forthcoming show ‘Spring break’, in New York.

I designed my own vacuum and outfit which I take to peoples houses, where I offer a hoovering service. Afterwards the hoover bag is opened up and items removed from the dust and dropped on to a hand drawn map, followed by a reading. This also allows me to collect small items which I will later be using as materials. 


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