Awkward anglers

Performance and installation



As part of my commission for Castel03 I set up a magnet fishing club ‘The Awkward Anglers’. The aim of this was to act as a platform through which to collect steel to use in the final piece, and also to interact with the public. I developed a logo, t-shirts and a facebook page where locals were invited to join the club and then help me fish. I performed in role for a week whilst on the research trip, leading fishing classes and documenting finds.

 Every item pulled out was photographed and documented in a series of books. I worked closely with the harbour trust who took me out on boats, and allowed me to work within the harbour to create a mobile office in the back of my van. Here I could catalog objects and the public could borrow magnets and collect their own items.

Once back from the week long performative research period I used the steel objects fished out of Caernarfon Harbour with magnets, to make prints. The items were placed on to white paper in tanks of sea water. This caused them to rust and created unique marks on the papers surface. These prints were then sealed within double glazing units to make them suitable for out door display, and set into steel frames.  

All the finds and documentation was shown in a gallery nearby. Afterwards the steel collected was scrapped and the money presented back to the harbour trust.


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