Waste land

Installation with cast bronze and coffered ceiling



This work was made for the show ‘At the violet hour’ which commemorated the T.S. Elliot poem ‘The waste land’. It was part of a satellite show of the Turner Contemporaries exhibition, which saw 18 artists take over a semi derelict hotel in Margate, opposite where the poem was written.

 I found a burger box on the beach by the hotel which had been heavily pecked (or sculpted) by seagulls. I felt this object had a suitably ‘Waste land’ feel about it, in keeping with the title of the poem. 

 The box was cast in bronze and displayed as part of an installation in one of the hotels rooms. I like using unorthodox materials or ways of working to create bronze sculptures. There is an interesting and humorous dialogue created when casting the mundane in such a expensive luxury material.

 There is also mention in the poem of a ‘coffered ceiling’ and so I used copper leaf to cover the ceiling of my installation. I felt this worked both thematically and visually with the bronze casting.

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